What Folks Are Saying About Our Creole Potato Salad!

I live in Oklahoma and my family loves your Creole potato salad. Albertson’s is the only store that carries it and I have heard that they are closing there stores here. Is there any way to order the potato salad? Thanks!!
Amy Catron

New Orleans Bill:

I just thought I would pass on how much I love your potato salad. I have enjoyed it for many years in Northern California Albertsons grocery stores.

We recently moved to Charlotte NC in Jan. 07. I am now pregnant and the one thing I am craving is Creole potato salad. I have looked high and low at all of the grocery stores around the Charlotte area. No traditional potato salad will satisfy this pregnancy craving. If only I could send my husband out in the middle of the night like all of the proverbial stereotypes portray.

So, here I am, pregnant, 3000 miles from home and my beloved Creole potato salad!!!

Thanks for making such a yummy product. Whenever I get the chance to go home, I will surely eat my fill. Unfortunately, I won’t be pregnant. I hope you get out to the east coast soon, and introduce these Carolinans to your mama’s potato salad.

Tasha Hussey


I am a fan of the creole potato salad that albertsons sells from their deli, but unfortunately savemart has bought the albertsons in my town and the creole salad they are selling is nothing like yours. I’m wondering how i can buy some? Will savemart be using your band soon? Can you give out your recipes? I really need some creole salad. Please help me.



My local Jewel food store in Illinois has stopped carrying your delicious product. Can you help me find another source?
Thank you!
Andrew Aswad

Hi Bill:
Let’s get together soon for coffee or bite to eat. If we eat, it has to be at a place that serves your GREAT potato salad.

Fred Bowe, Oakland Sunrise Rotary

I was in Luckys at Marina Village on Saturday and there deli counter was empty (completely) it looked like they were having refrigeration problems so I asked them if they had Creole Potato Salad and they said yes. I hope that they keep stocking it as it is awesome.
Thanks a lot
P. Deschner

Hi Mr. Bill,
You really have a great product and I have been eating your potato salad for over 13 years and referred by my mother when you were in Richmond.
Have a blessed day. Thank you.
Sharon Broussard

Hi Bill!
My husband and I purchased about 15
containers of salad. Of course, everyone loved the salad at the party!!

My Best,


One response to “Testimonials

  1. When is the salad going to return to your home state of Louisiana? We were able to get it at Albertson’s in Baton Rouge but they stopped selling it. They do sell a version of “creole salad” but its nothing like yours.

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