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Celebrating 20 years of being sold by Lucky

Made an appearance with Lucky supermarkets Art & Soul booth on August 21st and 22nd – stood in front of their booth, and sampled the Art & Soul crowd my Creole Potato Salad which Lucky has been selling for 20 years.

Lucky sold 140-pounds of New Orleans Bill Creole Potato Salad.

In my opinion, Lucky has never left the inner city market and they understand the demographic. Therefore, the highlight of the festival was the thousands of $1 WATERMELON slices they sold.


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Bringing New Orleans to Bakersfield

July 15th, 2010

Did my New Orleans Creole Potato Salad demonstration at Bill Pickett Rodeo in Bakersfield, California. Why? To promote my salad that’s in the Bakersfield Albertsons Supermarkets (7900 White Lane, 8200 Stockdale Highway, 1520 Brundage Lane, and 3500 Panama Lane).

Temperature a blazing 99 degrees. Gave out Mardi Gras beads and salad samples to crowd.

 They even love New Orleans in Bakersfield! Interesting note: I ran into some Katrina displaced people. They said Bakersfield is hot but still not as hot as New Orleans – because there is no humidity in Bakersfield.

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