New Orleans Bill’s Creole Potato Salad TV Commercial


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Appetizers – “Creole Potato Tomato” (Hey that rhymes)

IMG_2889Having a party and want to enhance your Salads? Try serving our Creole Potato Tomato.
Get a ripe Tomato.
Slice about 1/3 of the top of the Tomato off.
Take a spoon and scoop out the insides of the Tomato. Stuff Creole Potato Salad inside the Tomato!                  
Sprinkle Paprika lightly on top.
Serve each one of your guests their own Creole Potato Tomato. Hey, that rhymes – Creole Potato Tomato.

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Food @ the Alameda County Fair 7/2009

What do you do when you go to a County fair? One thing you can do is eat!    I visited the 7/2009 Alameda County fair (San Francisco Bay Area) and listed below, some of the more interesting food I saw. There isn’t enough room or time to list all of the food at the fair.

BBQ Contest Winners

Contest Winners Photos

  BBQ Contest Winners
1st John Malone 1stPlace
2nd Keith Brown 2ndPlace
3rd George Schmitt and Jennifer Kerr

Miscellaneous: Tornado Potatoes; Alligator sausage; BBQ; Chicken-Wings, Strips, and Tenders; Philly Cheesesteak; Tri-Tip sandwiches; Philly steak; Toasted Ravioli; fried fish; fried Calamari; Fish tacos;  Baklava, Spanokopita; Roasted corn

Deep fried: Candy bars (fried?), Cheese on a stick,  (fried?), veggies, Jalapeno Poppers.

Desserts: Fried peanut butter&jelly (fried?), Bananas&Cheesecake Ice Cream; shaved Ice; chocolate dipped fruit; Fried candy (fried?) Kettle corn; funnel cakes; Peanut Butter&Jelly sandwiches; Fruit Kabobs; strawberry shortcake; Sweet Potato French fries; Smoothies; Fruit drinks; Fudge; Chocolate dipped Fruits

Breakfast food including: full service breakfast, Breakfast burritos, and Breakfast sandwiches

Note:  I missed the Louisiana Jazz, Gators, & Gumbo night at the Fair – I am sure there was a lot of interesting New Orleans/Louisiana Creole/Cajun food there.                 


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Los Angeles Albertsons #1 in Creole Sales.

Congratulations to the Albertsons  supermarket deli in Los Angeles at 3901 Crenshaw blvd. They sell more of my Creole Potato Salad than any other supermarket in the Country! What a turnaround from a few years ago when they hardly sold much at all.      (Sold @ the Deli Counter-not prepackaged)

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Divine intervention-Chicago Radio station and Potato Salad

In Chicago 7/29/09 I was driving to an event to promote my Creole Potato Salad that is in the Chicago Jewel supermarkets. I heard DJs on a radio station talking about how they loved to eat Potato Salad with different foods.  Since I live in Oakland, Calif, I figured this had to be divine intervention. I was in  Chicago to promote my Potato Salad!  By the way, this was an “Old School” R&B show, it wasn’t a radio food show.  I decided I have to get some of my New Orleans Creole Potato Salad to those DJs.   I couldn’t go to the station (on Michigan ave) until Sunday. That place was locked up tighter than Fort Knox. But I got lucky and was able to give the Salad to a worker who just happened to be walking into the station at that time (divine intervention again).  The next day I called and called the station but couldn’t  connect to the right people. I think the broadcast  may have been syndicated, so it could have  originated  from anywhere in the Country.  Since I had  time left before my plane leaves, I figured I would go back to the station. I still couldn’t get in and almost missed my flight back to Cali.  But I haven’t given up yet.  But now I have to find the name of the Radio station again. But I will.  Maybe I should send them Blogs or something.                                                        


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Food @ the San Jose jazz fest 2009


Food @ the fest!

This is only some of the interesting food I saw at the San Jose Jazz festival last weekend. If you saw other interesting food , please let me know.

  Regional foods: Louisiana (1 booth with Po Boys – including Alligator Po Boy, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Sweet Tea)  Chicago pizza; Jersey Cheasesteak; Thai foods; Carribean Soul food(?); Greek foods;

Seafood: Fried Calamari, Catfish,  Snapper, and Shrimp; Fish&Chips

Latin: Tameles, Super Burritos; Nachos, Salvadorean foods, Tacos (various)

Desserts: Red Velvet cake;  Banana Pie; Sweet Potato Pie; Shaved Ice; Italian Ice; frozen lemonade; Jamba juice; Milk shakes; Funnel cakes

Miscellaneous foods: Hot Dogs steamed in Beer; Fried zuchini; Artichokes; Roasted Corn on Cob; Smoked Turkey legs; fried Chicken wings; Hot link sandwiches; Ceaser Salads; Polish Dogs; BBQ, Gyros.

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New Orleans Bill Creole Potato Salad selling at Jewel supermarkets in Clinton Iowa.

I just found out my New Orleans Creole Potato Salad is available at Jewel supermarkets  in Clinton Iowa. Wow!

The magic of New Orleans food reaches far and wide!

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