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Food at Katrina Anniversary Celebration?

As part of a celebration of New Orleans at the San Francisco Jazz Heritage Center, UC Santa Cruz professors Lewis Watts and Eric Porter gave Katrina Anniversary lectures on the pre- and post- Katrina culture of New Orleans. The lectures were very interesting but how did they leave out the soul of New Orleans culture – THE FOOD!

AND… there wasn’t any gumbo, or red beans and rice at the reception afterwards. There were bands playing New Orleans music and second lining in Yoshi’s lobby. But again, WHERE WAS THE FOOD?

Therefore, New Orleans Bill told Board Vice Chairman Linda Parker Pennington that he would provide his New Orleans Creole Potato Salad, Crawfish Pie, and rum-sauce bread pudding to the San Francisco Jazz Heritage Center future events.


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Celebrating 20 years of being sold by Lucky

Made an appearance with Lucky supermarkets Art & Soul booth on August 21st and 22nd – stood in front of their booth, and sampled the Art & Soul crowd my Creole Potato Salad which Lucky has been selling for 20 years.

Lucky sold 140-pounds of New Orleans Bill Creole Potato Salad.

In my opinion, Lucky has never left the inner city market and they understand the demographic. Therefore, the highlight of the festival was the thousands of $1 WATERMELON slices they sold.

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Bringing New Orleans to Bakersfield

July 15th, 2010

Did my New Orleans Creole Potato Salad demonstration at Bill Pickett Rodeo in Bakersfield, California. Why? To promote my salad that’s in the Bakersfield Albertsons Supermarkets (7900 White Lane, 8200 Stockdale Highway, 1520 Brundage Lane, and 3500 Panama Lane).

Temperature a blazing 99 degrees. Gave out Mardi Gras beads and salad samples to crowd.

 They even love New Orleans in Bakersfield! Interesting note: I ran into some Katrina displaced people. They said Bakersfield is hot but still not as hot as New Orleans – because there is no humidity in Bakersfield.

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Another Successful Food Demonstration

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 – Oakland, California – Farmer Joe’s Supermarket

Gave out samples of my creole potato salad and rocked the store!

New customers raved, “That was the best potato salad I’ve ever had!”

Those who had my salad before, were happy to finally meet the person behind the New Orleans salad.

The next food demonstration is in Bakersfield, California, July 15th at the Bill Pickett Rodeo. I will be giving out free samples of my Creole potato salad and letting folks know they can get it at Albertsons and Green Frog supermarkets in Bakersfield.

Yeah! A taste of New Orleans in Bakersfield.

Oh by the way, new customers Village Market (5885 Broadway Terrace) and Tomm’s Bar-B-Q & Deli (3446 Market St) in Oakland, California now sells my Creole potato salad.

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New Orleans Food Museum and Essence festival

7/2/09 I am treating myself to a trip back home to my New Orleans roots to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum dedication of the Leah Chase Louisiana Gallery.  Chef Leah Chase is the legendary owner of New Orleans landmark Creole restaurant Dooky Chase for 50+ years.  I personally grew up on Ms Chase’s Gumbo, and Oyster and Shrimp PoBoys.

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum is a nonprofit organization based in New Orleans, dedicated to the discovery, understanding and celebration of the culture of food and drink in the South.

That same weekend I will treat myself to the New Orleans Essence festival – a huge celebration of music – Beyonce, Lionel Ritchie, Al Green, John Legend, etc and all the great food you can eat all night long – all in one location – the Superdome.

Leah Chase Gala
Mr. and Mrs. Alden McDonald, Dickie Brennan and the Board of Directors of the Southern Food & Beverage Museum cordially invite you to SoFAB for a Gala to celebrate the dedication of the Leah Chase Louisiana Gallery on Thursday, July 2, 2009. The event will feature live music and extraordinary culinary creations offered by the area’s top chefs, as well as an original cocktail created in the honor of Ms Chase. Every foodie knows that you won’t want to miss this amazing event.
View details and purchase tickets >>
Dedication Ceremony for Leah Chase Gallery >>


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2nd Las Vegas Creole Food Tasting


The weekend of 6/19 – 6/21/09, I went back to Las Vegas and did my 2nd round of “Food Tastings” at 3 more Albertsons’ supermarkets.

Got the usual reaction from customers –they loved the Salad, and 2 of the 3 stores sold out of my Creole Potato Salad.  I am still surprised by the # of people who are surprised after they taste my “New Orleans Creole Potato Salad” and discover its not too spicy for them.  Sure it has a little “kick” but Creole food done right isn’t too spicy. The emphasis is on flavor, not heat. The other store didn’t have much foot traffic but still sold all but 1 case during the “Food Tasting”. The store that didn’t have much foot traffic still sold all but 10 lbs of my Creole Potato Salad,  That store was in an exclusive area of Las Vegas where I was told big name celebrities have homes – Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Floyd Mayweather (boxer). The only celebrity I saw was  Billy Blanks – that workout guy who was all over the TV awhile back with his “Billy Blank” workouts . I saw him in the Los Angeles airport. Cute older couple in one of the stores tried for about an hour to guess what I put in my Salad. Nope! They couldn’t get it.

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A Taste of Creole in Las Vegas

I went to 3 Albertsons’ supermarkets in Las Vegas the weekend of 6/12 – 6/14/09 and gave customers a taste of my Creole Potato Salad. To get customers attention, I made up a 15″x 11″ hand held sign that said “New Orleans Creole Potato Salad”. Customers would stop in their tracks when they saw the words New Orleans. If my sign just said Potato Salad, I don’t think many would have paid any attention to me. The words New Orleans attract attention around food.

Once customers tasted the Salad, the usual occurred – they loved it! One Supermarket sold 80 lbs, another sold 150 lbs of my Salad during the 5 hour Tasting! That is outstanding, especially in this economy for a specialty Potato Salad (this isn’t one of those cheap take home and doctor it up Potato Salads). Customers started coming to me from all over the store, saying people were raving about that “New Orleans Potato Salad” and they had to try it.

Some comments I received:     Now I don’t have to pay for Potato Salad and take it home and “doctor it up” anymore.

I can’t believe that something this good has been in my supermarket deli where I shop for over 4 years and I didn’t know about it.

Awesome! this is different than other supermarket Potato Salads.

Love all that  flavor with that little bite afterward.      

Give me that Recipe!

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