About New Orleans Bill


New Orleans Bill is a native son of New Orleans. After moving to California, this ex-Bourbon street Barker started in his apartment kitchen, preparing his family-recipe ‘Creole Potato Salad’ for food events

that took him all over California. Introduced in Northern California supermarkets originally as “Mother Dears” Creole Potato Salad,  it became an instant hit!

His story has been featured on NBC and ABC TV, San Francisco Examiner, Chicago Sun TimesOakland Tribune, and Contra Costa County newspapers.

Today in 2009, now operating under both names (“New Orleans Bill’ or “Mother Dears”) Bill’s Creole Potato Salad, is sold (at the Deli Counter, not pre-packaged) in Northern California supermarkets Albertsons, Lucky, SaveMart, Berkeley Bowl, Farmer Joes, Lunardis, and PW. It is sold prepackaged at Piedmont Grocers, and Mollie Stone. Outside Northern California, it is sold (at the Deli Counter, not pre-packaged) at Krogers in Georgia and Indiana; Albertsons in Southern California and Las Vegas; Jewel in Chicago. YES, this is the same Creole Potato Salad that was PREVIOUSLY SOLD a few years ago at Safeway, and CostCo markets in Northern California. Contact Bill if you don’t see Bill’s Salad in these supermarkets in your area.


2 responses to “About New Orleans Bill

  1. joy guntz

    When is the salad returning to Louisiana, your home state? The Albertson’s store in Baton Rouge used to carry it but now have another version of “creole salad” which isn’t the same.


    Enjoyed your blog* wish you continued success.
    I was in New Orleans area around the 4th holiday, but unfortunately because my Dad passed. Heard the festival was packed*


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